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You can listen to audio CDs using your computer CD-ROM and audio card
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OrangeCD Player is a program to play music from CDs, but it is not a media player. It is a utility that enables its users to update, organize and catalog music CDs and music files in the computer by storing information in a database.

It just scans the media and retrieves the artist's information from the same file if found or it uses the Internet to download album and cover art and information. All this is stored in a database for future playing.

Unfortunately, OrangeCD Player is not capable of playing music on its own, but only with the help of some third party software (i.e. Windows Media, Winamp). When playing audio, OrangeCD Player displays automatically the album information on its own interface and tags the files.

Other options allow the users to create playlists, control volume and create music catalogs and reports, build statistics, etc. The reports can be exported to HTML format to be uploaded to a website.

OrangeCD Player is free; it was recently released in March 2010.

New version includes Windows 7 support, better and bigger database to retrieve artist information and the folder tree display bug.

This program is a good music organizer, so users can tag, edit, and create personal music catalogs with ease.

Max Santillana
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  • Free
  • Organizes music files
  • Prints reports
  • Creates personal music catalogs
  • Exports music reports to the Web


  • Requires a third party application to play music
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